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It's always a good idea to design your stationery to be distinctive, even if it's just Envelopes. Envelopes that have eye-catching designs and look professional reduce the chance of your mail getting unnoticed or ignored by your customers. Remember : First impressions count ! So, give your Envelopes that extra 'zing' today !
  Model Size (mm)/ (inch) Type Window Blue Security Lines Security Slit Peel & Seal
1 EV4090NW 102mm x 229mm / 4.02in x 9.02in Winpaq -
2 EV4090W 102mm x 229mm / 4.02in x 9.02in Winpaq
3 EV4286NW 110mm x 220mm / 4.33in x 8.66in Winpaq -
4 EV4286W 110mm x 220mm / 4.33in x 8.66in Winpaq
5 EV4496NW 115mm x 248mm / 4.53in x 9.76in Winpaq -
6 EV4496W 115mm x 248mm / 4.53in x 9.76in Winpaq
7 EV6390NW 162mm x 229mm / 6.38in x 9.02in Winpaq -
8 EV7010NW 178mm x 254mm / 7.01in x 10.00in - - - -
9 EV8011NW 204mm x 280mm / 8.03in x 11.02in - - - -
10 EV9013NW 229mm x 324mm / 9.02in x 12.76in Winpaq - -
11 EV1015NW 254mm x 381mm / 10.00in x 15.00in Captain - -
Product Specifications
Print Process Litho Offset
Print Colour Full Colour (4C/0);(4C/4C), Spot Colour (1C/0);(1C/1C),
2 Spot Colours (2C/0);(2C/2C)
Print Side 1 side/ 2 sides
Paper Type Ready envelopes (100gsm) - Winpaq & Captain
Quantity (pcs) 500, 1,000, 2,000, 3,000, 5,000 & 10,000
Finishing -
File Format Accepted PDF Format
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< Full Product Specs> and refer to it before placing your order.
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