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Folders work like a book jacket : An introduction or preview of what's on the inside. And from Presentation Folders to Document Folders , Key Folders and CD Jackets, we have them all !
Model & Open Size (mm) (height x width) / (inch) (height x width)
Presentation Folder (Click diagram for details)
FPF 001 FPF 002 FPF 003
350mm x 510mm/ 350mm x 510mm / 360mm x 510mm /
13.78in x 20.08in 13.78in x 20.08in 14.17in x 20.08in
FPF 004 FPF 005 FPF 006
371mm x 534mm/ 410mm x 614mm/ 420mm x 650mm/
14.61in x 21.02in 16.14in x 24.17in 16.54in x 25.59in
FPF 007 FPF 008 FPF 009
420mm x 650mm/ 288mm x 369mm/ 330mm x 385mm/
16.54in x 25.59in 11.34in x 24.53in 12.99in x 15.16in
FPF 010 FPF 011  
295mm x 445mm/ 230mm x 372mm/  
11.61in x 17.52in 9.06in x 14.65in  
Document Folder (Click diagram for details)
FDF 001 FDF 002
355mm x 535mm/ 432mm x 624mm/
13.98in x 21.06in 17.01in x 24.57in
Key Folder (Click diagram for details)
FKF 001 FKF 002
194mm x 229mm/ 160mm x 161mm/
9.02in x 7.64in 6.30in x 6.34in
CD JacketĀ  (Click diagram for details)
FCD 001 FCD 002
160mm x 503mm/ 160mm x 503mm/
6.30in x 19.80in 6.30in x 19.80in
FCD 003 FCD 004
160mm x 503mm/ 160mm x 384mm/
6.30in x 19.80in 6.30in x 15.12in
FCD 005  
296mm x 441mm/  
11.65in x 17.36in  
Product Specifications
Print Process Litho Offset
Print Colour Full Colour (4C/4C), (4C/0)
Print Side 1 side/ 2 sides
Paper Types Gloss Art Card 200gsm (1 side coated)
Gloss Art Card 230gsm (2 sides coated)
Gloss Art Card 240gsm (1 side coated)
Gloss Art Card 260gsm (1 side/ 2 sides coated)
Gloss Art Card 300gsm (1 side coated)
Gloss Art Card 310gsm (2 sides coated)
Gloss Art Card 350gsm (1 side coated)
Gloss Art Card 360gsm (2 sides coated)
* Printing & finishing can only be applied on the coated side of paper.
* 1 side printing / 1 side finishing is applied on the outer side of coated paper.
Quantity (pcs) 250, 500, 1,000, 2,000, 3,000, 4,000, 5,000, 6,000, 7,000, 8,000, 9,000, 10,000, 15,000, 20,000, 25,000, 30,000, 35,000, 40,000, 45,000 & 50,000
Finishing - Die-cutting + Creasing
- Gluing (certain models only)
- Matte / Gloss Lamination / Water Base Varnish (1 side / 2 sides)
File Format Accepted PDF Format
* Above product specs is for online reference only. We highly recommend that you download the
< Full Product Specs> and refer to it before placing your order.
Here is a price list of the most popular specifications. Alternatively, you may use our Price Calculator to find out more about specifications and pricing.

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